Dark Pool Single Serve Steeped Coffee "Muse Blend" Medium Roast

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Why should tea have all the fun? Just in time for summer and fall, Texas’ own Dark Pool Coffee has debuted a new product that will change the way you drink coffee.

Meet Steeped Coffee, single-use coffee bags that are perfect for that easy, on-the-go cup. Filled with Dark Pool’s original ground "Muse Blend", each Steeped Bag has guilt-free packaging and is 3x nitro-sealed, removing any air that will affect flavor and quality, and has a shelf-life of eight months! Think of all the places that Dark Pool’s Steeped could come in handy: deployment, airplanes, the office that never cleans the coffee machine, hotels that charge a bundle for a simple cup of coffee, salons, gyms, and any place that serves hot water OR has a water cooler with a hot option button. Simply steep the bag in hot water as you would tea and experience the freshly brewed taste in an instant. Like French Press without the mess!

  • Quality coffee everywhere: deployment, home, work, camping, on the go
  • No machines required: Just hot or cold water!
  • Triple Nitro-Sealed Freshness: Long stable shelf life (8 months)
  • Full Immersion Filter: 100% real craft coffee
  • Guilt-Free Packaging: Fully compostable
  • Barista Approved: Premium/Specialty Coffee
  • Unplugged Convenience: Single-serve, simplified

At Dark Pool, we know that time spent with your loved ones or striving to reach your goals is valuable. We also know that time management is the elixir of life, a key to success. How is it a key to success? More productivity, greater confidence, less stress, better work life balance, more time freedom, and time spent with those you love. Let Dark Pool help to give you that edge and take off unnecessary steps in your already busy life without compromising the quality of your coffee that gives you the confidence to go out and run the day, with our Steeped coffee bags.

Tasting Notes

medium body, plums, nutty, chocolate, brown sugar.


Peru FTO Chirinos, Guatemela Monja Blanca, Ethiopia Yirgacheffee


1,500 to 2,200 meters

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