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Looking for a comfortable, casual, athletic, sporty, and darn good-looking tee that is perfect for a casual setting, hanging out with the friends, or working out? Then look no further! Dark Pool Coffee’s Original Black 60/40 cotton/poly crew neck tee with Mercury the Roman God of financial gain drinking Dark Pool Coffee out of his Dark Pool 15oz Campfire Ceramic Coffee Mug is form fitting, not too loose and not too tight, wears well on anyone. This 60/40 blend combines the softness and natural feel of cotton with the temperature regulating and moisture wicking properties of polyester. They also tend to shrink less, wrinkle less, and are more versatile and durable and maintain shape and colors longer than 100% cotton or polyester. Poly cotton blends need less energy to dry. According to the same ETSA study, laundries drying polyester/cotton blends will consume 50% less gas than when processing 100% cotton workwear — making it more environmentally friendly and sustainability more promising. When it comes to your ideal sipping situation, would you rather have your favorite beverage taste as good as possible or bland and flavorless? We bet the answer is obvious. Our sense of taste is complicated, to say the least. The majority of what we consider flavor is really smell, so with neutral characteristics, ceramic truly is the best choice. That is why we chose a ceramic mug because ceramic is a solid and neutral material, it will not absorb or impart flavors, leaving coffee to taste as it should. Making Dark Pool’s 15oz Campfire Ceramic Coffee Mug the perfect mug for better tasting coffee. Wanting to brand rep Dark Pool Coffee anywhere and everywhere? Then our All weatherproof, waterproof, die cut matte stickers are just the way to do it. Stickers are printed on thick durable vinyl, with a protective laminate that is designed to withstand exposure from, wind, rain, snow, and sunlight. A split backing makes for easy peeling and applying. You can put them on your truck/car, snowboard, skateboards, surfboards, dive tanks, protein shaker bottles, hydro flasks, laptops. You can put these vinyl stickers on almost anything.

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