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The wait is over! You can finally get our first signature trucker hat with hand tooled leather patches. Featuring the man, the myth, the legend our very own Dark Pool etched into the center of the leather patch!

*Leather Patches Hand made in Wyoming.

Available in:

  • Charcoal/Black Mesh
  • OD Green/Tan Mesh
  • Gray/White Mesh
  • OG Woodland Camo
  • Limited Coyote Brown

Rep our Brand with a new hat.

  • Simple, but stylish.
  • Classic look, great feel.
  • Adjustable snapback closure

Trucker Hat History-

Originally, these hats were given away by rural stores. If you needed to buy chicken feed, for example, you might get a free trucker hat from the store when you bought your chicken food.

Over time, many truckers wore these hats (and hardly anyone else) - leading to the now-common name. In the early 2000s, these hats (against all odds) became popular with celebrities.

 In the 1950s, the greasers actually took to wearing the mechanic caps - which never made much sense, but nonetheless, it happened. Sometime in the 1970s, the five piece trucker hat became commonplace instead, with truckers usually acquiring the hats at - you guessed it - truck stops.

Mountain Dew and John Deere were two of the biggest advertisers at this point, but many companies jumped on the bandwagon. The whole appeal of the trucker hat is that they’re ugly - so they are worn ironically.

The irony of wearing trucker hats by celebrities, has been sort of lost.

Lots of metal and country bands now wear trucker hats - not ironically, though. They wear them (usually) to symbolize an allegiance with blue collar works, as the wealth gap continues to increase.

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