Coffee – Dark Roast

Need a coffee for every occasion?

We source the finest beans and roast them to be the freshest in the Texas Hill country. We have a roast for everyone, from our medium roast original Muse blend or head over to the dark side with our very own dark roast Gambit blend. To our single serve Steeped Muse and Gambit blends for those on the go, deploying, or to replace the office coffee from that old coffee machine that has not been cleaned in years.

Muse was the first blend we ever created, and the plan was simple. We wanted our blend to be smooth, low acidic, something sweet, enjoyable, and welcoming in a world of polarizing Specialty Coffee. A blend anyone would like and with an aroma so pleasant it is sure to wake up your neighbors. Sweet plums, brown sugars, full of body, with a bright, citrusy finish that leaves a clean refreshing aftertaste. Pairs well with any meal, a nice cigar, and goes well with dairy and non-dairy milk. For us, Muse embodies the excellent relationships between citric acidity, balance, and wonderful, full-bodied chocolates. This is a family favorite, and we think it can be yours as well 😊

While our Muse blend thrives on the medium side of roasting, we know there is a culture dedicated to the dark side. We honor this by crafting Gambit our most developed offering. We wanted something exotic with a hint of spiciness, sweetness, yet low acidity for coffee lovers with sensitive stomachs. A blend that would stir the soul and satisfy your crave for the dark side. Delightfully smooth, exotic, sweet tones of toffee and dark chocolate, crisp, spicy, layered with complexity. Sure to be your go to coffee!