"Gambit Blend" Dark Roast Coffee

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Gambit- an action entailing a degree of risk that is calculated to gain an advantage.

Like all gambits, it begins with an offer to sacrifice, a thing to trade in for an advantage or an edge. We are all traders whether we know it or not. Some people trade stocks for potential profit, others trade sleep for work, or trade a night out in the town to chase your dreams. Dark Pool’s Gambit blend will give you that mental clarity you need to help you make that calculated risk and give you the edge and self assurance you need to pursue your goals.

This versatile, take with you anywhere, soul stirring Gambit blend will give you that ahhh feeling when that first sip touches your soul. Daring enough for espresso (trust us, try it), eloquent enough for a French press, big–bodied enough for cold brew. Like a cowboy hat and boots you can dress it up or dress it down. Gambit will have you looking like the office coffee guru or score you some serious points with your in-laws at Sunday breakfast.

Tasting Notes

heavier body, toffee, spice, citrus, chocolate


Brazil Porta Rosa, Ethiopia Yirgacheffee, Sumatra FTO Ketiara


1,100 to 2,200 meters

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