"Muse Blend" Medium Roast Coffee

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It’s believed that in all aspects of life if you are risk taking in anything, it is assumed there is some passion built up behind that risk. That inner voice that keeps telling you to do it, that passion deep inside you is the muse. You must trust it, listen to it, focus on it. You focus your attention on your risk, you let your ideas, and path develop themselves and leave distractions on the side of the road. You trust your muse!

This smooth, every day drinker will have its aroma be a part of the rhythm of your day. An anchor in your routine that soothes and gives a sense of being on the right path, to give you the focus you need and the confidence to run your day and not have the day run you.

Tasting Notes

medium body, plums, nutty, chocolate, brown sugar.


Peru FTO Chirinos, Guatemela Monja Blanca, Ethiopia Yirgacheffee


1,500 to 2,200 meters


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